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OM Tek Inc's complete range of IT Services addresses the needs of both technology and business requirements to help organizations leverage leading-edge technologies for business improvement.

OM Tek Inc takes charge of the IT needs of the entire enterprise. The gamut of services extends from Enterprise Application Services (CRM, ERP, e-Procurement and SCM), to e-Business solutions. OM Tek Inc's enterprise solutions have served and continue to serve clients from a range of industries including Energy and Utilities, Finance, Telecom, and Media and Entertainment.

OM Tek Inc offers its core competency for successfully designing and developing innovative solutions using global delivery model. With an extensive experience in IT services using proven framework, methodology and experience, OM Tek Inc is a pioneer in offering state of the art solutions addressing customer needs.

OM Tek Inc's value propositions in global delivery model are:

  • Committed cost savings
  • Commitment to support customers through long-term relationship
  • Demonstrate flexibility in customer relationship

In order to deliver these, OM Tek Inc has built its core competency in the areas of:

  • World's best delivery process
  • Strong partnership and governance model
  • Specialization in different business verticals of the industry
  • Continuous improvement using six sigma methodologies

Using the above competencies, OM Tek Inc offers solutions in three dimensions of:

  • Responsibilities - Development, maintenance and production support
  • Service offerings - SLA based delivery, consolidation and migration
  • Productivity improvement using six sigma tools & methodology
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