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To establish as a leading technology-consulting company for small to medium sized businesses in Tx by meeting our clients’ recruiting needs in an effective way.


To meet the consulting needs of our clients through innovative use of technology, information, and technical expertise of our employees.

What do we do?

We develop innovative IT solutions for medium and large companies. OM Tek Inc is a highly professional, technical IT consultancy. At OM Tek Inc, we are committed to our clients and considered them our partners. As such, we are always on the look-out for ways to enable our clients to do business more efficiently and effectively. At the heart of Ometek inc's service offering lies the implementation of user-friendly IT-supported business processes for large companies. To that end,
OM Tek Inc can provide product specifications, define requirements, conduct evaluations, perform analysis, issue recommendations as well as document your systems and processes.

For whom do we do it?

we provide support to our clients who are spread through out the United States in every step of their way in the re-engineering, optimization, and integration of IT systems and IT-supported business processes.

What is the benefit?

Our clients benefit from our technical expertise and experience, our service/support enables them to get the maximum business. Our impressive track record is based on many years of experience and the technical expertise of our consultants and engineers.

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